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Sheila Hamilton is an author, advocate and radio host. Her book, All the Things We Never Knew, Chasing the Chaos of Mental Illness is an Amazon bestseller. She is a five-time Emmy award winning journalist and hosts the podcast Beyond Well, a program for people interested in learning more about our interior lives, emotional health and self-care. Co-hosts are Dr. Jim Polo and Dr. Jenna LeJeune


Jan 27, 2020

We are starting 2020 by taking a look back at a few of our favorite shows from 2019. This show was originally released in June of 2019. 

Storm Large: musician, actor, playwright, author, awesome. She shot to national prominence in 2006 as a finalist on the CBS show Rock Star: Supernova, where despite having been eliminated in the week before the finale, Storm built a fan base that follows her around the world to this day.

Storm joins us to talk about growing up with a severely mentally disturbed mother and the message she received from her mother's doctor, "Oh yeah, you will absolutely end up like your Mother. It's hereditary." But, this conversation is not about Storm's efforts to outrun a diagnosis, it's an artist's journey back to herself. Storm's autobiographical musical memoir, Crazy Enough, played to packed houses in 2009 during its unprecedented 21-week sold-out run in Portland. She's back for the ten-year reunion stronger, wiser, and larger in spirit than ever before.

(Don't miss the after the show conversation about cancel culture and what really goes on in therapy.)