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Sheila Hamilton is an author, advocate and radio host. Her book, All the Things We Never Knew, Chasing the Chaos of Mental Illness is an Amazon bestseller. She is a five-time Emmy award winning journalist and hosts the podcast Beyond Well, a program for people interested in learning more about our interior lives, emotional health and self-care. Co-hosts are Dr. Jim Polo and Dr. Jenna LeJeune


Mar 11, 2020

Coronavirus is scary. How we respond to it can be even scarier. According to the Economist, more than two thirds of American report being very concerned about the U.S. pandemic. How do we calmly prepare for disruptions to our lives without panicking? What are some of the evidence-based techniques for helping people with anxiety and panic disorders? How do we cope with the likelihood of temporary financial and social stress?

This episode is for anyone who wants a centered, calm approach to getting through the Coronavirus pandemic.