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Sheila Hamilton is an author, advocate and radio host. Her book, All the Things We Never Knew, Chasing the Chaos of Mental Illness is an Amazon bestseller. She is a five-time Emmy award winning journalist and hosts the podcast Beyond Well, a program for people interested in learning more about our interior lives, emotional health and self-care. Co-hosts are Dr. Brian Goff and Dr. Jenna LeJeune


Nov 11, 2019

Israel Nebeker is the founder of Blind Pilot and a singer/songwriter whose music now reaches millions of fans. In this episode,
Israel talks about confronting one of the darkest periods of his life by wandering into the Black Forest in Germany—with no path to
follow and not sure if he would ever find his way out. It...

Nov 7, 2019

Shaiheed Days and Steven Jackson have taken what they learned as Academy fellows at Yale to their community in Philadelphia, becoming mentors at Youth MOVE, "nurturing the next generation of disruptive mental health leaders".

Nov 4, 2019

As an actor on the hit series American Vandal and someone who is constantly in the public eye, Kiah Stern has no plan B. She’s working plan A with an intensity and focus rarely talked about when people dream of becoming a star.

We talk with Kiah about how best to deal with a barrage of “feedback,” solicited or...

Oct 31, 2019

Gina Nikkel, PhD is the Ceo of the Foundation for Excellence in Mental Healthcare, (Femhc), a worldwide organization that exists to promote better mental health outcomes. For too long, people with mental health challenges have been given little hope and further traumatized by forced treatment and years spent cycling in...

Oct 28, 2019

People are increasingly unsure about kids, and the US and European fertility rate is at an all time low. According to Pew Research, 1 in 5 people will remain childless. This week, the Beyond Well Team talk about the growing number of people who are intentionally childless. If you are attempting to decide whether to have...